Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Friday and a Happy Tune for You

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Here's a Piano Cover of a fun tune I'm working on. No name yet - any ideas?

 Song 14 Catchy C by Karen Olivia


Connie @ Connie Nikiforoff Designs said...

Your piano tune is great! I compose this kind of music too on piano....but never seem to get around to notating it on staff paper! I get titles for them and never finish them...LOL!!

And as I'm listening...Holy Cow! I worked out my own jazz piano arrangement of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" that my husband just loves. So nice to hear yours too!

I'm so spoiled! LOL! I've got a beautiful grand piano (with all it's original real ivory keys in pristine condition). My husband's a Registered Piano Technician so I get my piano tuned at least every month ;-) And of course any other repairs and attention needed.

Connie @ Connie Nikiforoff Designs said...

Ooops! I thought I was listening to your tune. Crazy was pandora. com that I had on! LOL! So the first two paragraphs of my earlier comment are more or less mute...Hahaha! Sorry about that.

However,your tune really is fun too! Sorry though...I've got no ideas for your song title. Keep writing ;-)

Alkemie said...

Hi Connie,

No worries. I wrote lyrics for the song so I do have a title for it now. I'm happy to hear from someone that also composes. Have you got any samples I can listen to? I'm not much of a jazz musician - my focus is writing mostly pop and commercial style pieces. It's interesting how song sounds so different when it's sung versus a piano cover - people keep telling my my piano covers sound like television or film pieces- somehow without a voice attached, it's hard for them to imagine it as a sung type of song.


HappySingle said...

butterflies in the park?

Karena said...

Wonderful Karen you are so talented! I hope you enjoyed the weekend!

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