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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fashion Inspiration and Photography

One of my other great passions are fashion and
photography. I love seeing great portraits and
photos that evoke a certain feeling.

This girl has an very sincere and powerful smile
that reaches her eyes. I love the combination of
feminine heels with a masculine shirt and tie. I've
always loved a woman in a suit or masculine
clothing. I think that the contrast is really sexy.

The angle of this shot is just perfect. I don't
think I'd wear these boots but how the skirt
lifts just to show a hint of skin where the boot
tops are is somehow very alluring.

Very cool photo. It's so hard to take a photo against
light - especially the sun. Such brilliance in the photo.

I must admit that I have a fetish for
gloves. I have a collection of them.

Sequins are really in right now - and in fact I'm hunting
for a sequined jacket. The feathers look so soft against
the shiny sequins. I think I'm just a magpie at heart.
Anything soft or shiny will always catch my eye.

More brilliance in a photo. The softened
light makes it look so ethereal.

Very romantic, chic, light and bright. Classic.

I think this dress and setting in Venice
is so romantic.

Aren't these pair of shoes the cutest shoes you've
ever seen? It's like the more feminine version of
Dorothy's shoes in the Wizard of Oz. By the way, if you
haven't seen the musical Wicked -- you absolutely
must. It's the Wizard of Oz from the Wicked Witch
of the West's perspective. Very Very clever, great
music and the twists will pleasantly surprise you. I
promise you'll never look at the story of the Wizard
of Oz the same again.

Dita von Teese - her fashion is the epitome
of old glamour. She always has impeccable
taste in dresses. I've always adored one
shouldered, assymetrical dresses and this
one is lovely.

Lounging in an exotic Moroccan room.

Probably one of my absolute favorite past times -
having tea or coffee outdoors while people watching.

I hope you've enjoyed the photos. The photos are from
one of my favorite pictorial blogs - Simply Seductive.

Friday, December 19, 2008

My Obsession with Military Jackets and Coats

I have a total obsession with military styled jackets and coats.
I think they are incredibly stylish and cool looking on men and
on women. The above is vintage leather military styled jacket.
It's gorgeous isn't it?

Recently in Instyle Magazine, there was a photo shoot for
the Twilight cast and I was totally drooling over the boots
and the jacket on Kristen Stewart in the bottom left hand

The jacket she is wearing is actually
by Wunderkind.

I also shop on Ebay and there proves to
be quite a variety of military styled

Here's an interesting short but assymetrical one.

Here's a very cool white one, you don't often
see military styled jackets and coats in white.

The left is by St. John's and the left jacket is by Bebe.

Forever 21 $42.80 and $32.80 respectively.

And one of my favorite stores of all kind is Forever 21 with their ultra
inexpensive clothing. Inexpensive, but fashionable and made decently.
I used to shop at Charlotte Russe until the quality of their clothing went
way down. I'm not buying something I can only wear twice before it
falls apart no matter how cheap it is. The coats above are made of
very warm blend of wool and fleece.

Forever 21 - The Eva Coat for $35.80.

Forever 21 to the left for $49.80 and to the left found on Ebay.

Forever 21 $39.80.

Lately plaid and tartan has been all the rage and
the left one is a fun military styled plaid jacket.

How about a throw back from the 80s when assymetry was really in
for blazers? Forever 21 $32.80.

Here's a mariner's version of that military assymetric blazer.

I don't think military styled jackets ever go out of style.
The blazer on the left is from Marc Jacobs. The left is
a more modern version.

Here's Kate Moss wearing and interesting and eclectic short coat
from Top Shop in UK. To the right is a corduroy coat.

The left coat is actually for a man, but if cut slim for a woman's body -
there is no reason why the same design wouldn't work for a woman.

I really like the collar on this coat.

Different ways you can wear military
styled coats. They really all look good.
This coat is found on Ebay.

I recently bought this one from Forever 21 - it reminds me of a
somewhat futuristic admiral's coat. Not sure why I'm so drawn
to assyemtry. $49.80.

Found this vintage one on Ebay and thought
the embellishments were so fun.

Miss Alice Temperly of London designed this dress
that really looks like an admiral's coat. Love the thigh
high boots.

I think the cuffs and belt on the coat make it look more military in style.
It's definitely a more toned down and feminine version.

Men look great in military style jackets. Very smart!
David Tennant (the very popular British actor who
played 3 seasons of the new Dr. Who.)

Anyways, I hope you've enjoyed the post although it's
a bit of a deviation from design and decor. I have many
many obsessions and fashion is another one.

Have a great weekend!

Photos from Forever 21 and Ebay.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Gothic Lolita, Gothic style and Punk - Part I

Today is Halloween. A very well known holiday
most widely celebrated by Americans. Once a year,
everyone gets the excuse to live out their fantasies
and dress up as someone or something else.

In some countries like Japan, it is Halloween every
day. If you've never heard of the fashion movement
called Gothic Lolita, the picture above sums it up very
well. Think Gothic and frilly/girly together. Visions of rococo,
Victorian and old French styles can further give you an idea of
what Gothic style is like. It doesn't seem like any of these fashion
types would fit together but trust the Japanese to invent new
movements in fashion. It's actually a fascinating subculture and
it is commonto see people every day in Tokyo walking around
in costumes.

One may wonder why the Japanese are so creative in fashion,
animation and design. My theory is that their culture is so centered
around society rather than self, that there are few outlets for stress
and individual expression. And Voila! You see their expression in
outlandish fashion, outrageously beautiful packaging/design
and animation/stories that few can dream of.

Some of the Gothic fashion is related to punk fashion as you
see to the left hand side. I particularly love the juxtaposition of
the men's wear on this super cute little girl to the right.

The left side is a very classic definition of Gothic Lolita.
Gothic fashion is broad and often subdivided into more niche
trends such as Gory or Grotesque Lolita, White Lolita, Punk
Lolita, Elegant Lolita and more. Conversely you have such
male subdivisions such as Elegant Gothic Aristocrat. Funny
enough, all of the above genres look exactly as they sound.

I, myself actually prefer the men's gothic style rather
than women's gothic lolita style. I wouldn't be caught
wearing a lacy black poofy dress. However, I wouldn't
mind wearing some of these get ups above. They rather
look a bit fantastical or like a video game character in a way.

Here's an example of Gothic Lolita make up. The model
above is probably a man. They do like to cross dress in
Japan although they are not necessarily interested in the
same sex. It's simply the culture there - they view
androgynous looks as beauty. In the USA, a boy who is
beautiful would probably be termed a "pretty boy" and
it would not necessarily be a positive thing as it would
in Japan.

I once got it into my head that I wanted to streak my hair
blue like the model above. Of course I gave up when I
found out you first have to bleach black hair before you can
dye it what color you want. A bit inconvenient... I also don't
know how my hair would take it. I recently chopped my hair
and permed it. My hair is so straight that I had to have my
hair permed twice in a row for the perm to actually take.

Some Gothic Lolita fashions for a wedding ceremony.

When it comes to design in Japan, there are many companies
that specialize in niche styles. You can find almost any kind
of style or label there. The above is an advertisement for a
Gothic Lolita label.

This style is called "Dandy Gothic Style."

You can see on the left boy that he is wearing something like
a cravat. This is obviously inspired by eras past in England. I
quite covet the jacket on the left. I have a strange fascination
for skulls. I have a tendency to dress one of 4 ways...Casual,
Business, Very Girly, or what I call Bad Ass. Weird I know.
I think the jacket above appeals to my "Cool or Bad Ass"
sense of style.

The whole Gothic Lolita movement in Japan was started
and inspired but a genre called Visual Rock Bands in Japan.
Think alternative rock music but dolled up like this band
called "Versaille" above. If you can't tell, most of them are

So you know how I said every day is Halloween in Japan?
Here's an example above of a teenager dressed up on a

One may ask what one does dressed
this way. Having a picnic is a great idea.

Or you can have a lot of attention and get
your picture taken by strangers.

This is Carmen Yuen dressed in Gothic Lolita fashiong at
the famed San Diego Comic-con. If you're interested in
knowing more about Gothic Lolita, you must visit
Carmen Yuen's blog aka La Carmina. Her blog follows
all things Gothic Lolita and has a following of over 1 million
hits a month! It's astounding. She even has 2 book deals now
including one that will focus on themed restaurants in Tokyo.

What will you be doing this Halloween and
what will you or your children dress up as?

All photos from Carmen Yuen's La Carmina.